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When you shop online, you can get some great deals, because the vastness of the World Wide Web increases competition among retailers. If you do not like the price at one retailer, you simply click over to another. Soon you will find the item you need or want at a truly bargain price.

When you find the perfect item at the best 중국배대지 possible price, you add it to your cart, pull out your credit card, and start to make your purchase, pleased with the low price. Suddenly, you see that shipping charge. Little did you know, the retailer you were shopping is not located in your country. You are forced to pay excessively high international shipping charges. Suddenly your “great bargain” is not so great.

The Cost of International Shipping

International shipping costs more because it costs the retailer more to send you the item. Any time an item crosses borders, the shipping costs gets inflated. Even if you are shipping from the United States to Canada, which is not really a large distance, you will pay more. Always look at the shipping charge before you pay.

Inflated Charges

Some retailers will charge inflated shipping charges, simply because they know you will expect to pay more for international shipping. Research the shipping cost on your own before you pay. While you can expect to pay some sort of handling fee to cover time and mailing supplies, if the cost for international shipping is way higher than it appears to be if you were to ship the item, consider looking for a better deal at another retailer.

Not All Retailers Offer It

Online retailers target specific countries. Australia, the U.K, the U.S., and Canada are all targeted by online retailers. If you are shopping outside of these targeted markets, you may find that some retailers will not ship to your location. American retailers are particularly guilty of this, and many do not offer any international shipping at all, even to these other major markets.

Before you begin shopping on a particular website, check to see whether or not they offer international shipping. Most online retailers will have a page outlining their shipping policies. If they do not appear to offer international shipping, ask before you start trying to make a purchase.

Shipping Is Non-Refundable

On most websites, shipping is non-refundable. If you are not happy with your item and paid a lot of money to have it shipped internationally, you might be able to get your money back for the purchase price, but you will have lost the money you spent on shipping. Make sure you are confident on the quality of the item before you buy.


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